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Utmost Anti-Aging Care

Lebody Face is a device that gives vital, elastic and lifting effects  to skin cells using micro current.

Lebody Face at

Christie & Co Salon

Praised by participants and professionals

Facial Lifting

Absorption of Active Ingredients

Collagen Rearrangement


Skin Elasticity

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Over 4000 units sold within the first hour of broadcast

Sold out 14 out of 20 Home shopping shows Within a 7 month period

Exceeding $15 Million in sales with great Consumer Feedback

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Compact design

  • Compact design for anytime and anywhere.

  • No cable.

  • Fast charge and long lasting.

Convenient grip

Convenient grip for most people.

Optimum mode for each purpose

  • I mode : Helps to penetrate liquid solution into deep skin

  • L mode : Stimulates fibroblast in your dermis and induce regenerating collagen

3 levels

3 levels for each mode to be used personally optimized.

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Button composition of

Lebody Face






Mode and intensity display LED

(I mode: Blue LED / L mode: Red LED)

Intensity decrease button

(mode change when press it long time)

Intensity increase button

(mode change when press it long time)

Power button

(Power on / off when press button for 2 ~ 3 seconds)

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LeBody FACE19.jpg


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