Use 10 minutes a day for healthy skin care!
Applying a dome-type diffusion PLATE with a light source, the angle of irradiation is wider than that of other LED Mask, so the LED light spreads more evenly and widely on the skin.
Made in Korea


  • Specification

    TWO Wavelengths of OPERA LEBODY 
    1. RED Light - 630nm (Skin Elasticity, Stimulation of Collagen Production, Wrinkle Improvement)
    2. Near Infrared Light - 845nm (Improvement of Wrinkle and Melanin, Skin Rejuvenation
    LED Quantity - Total 228PCS (Face - 78pcs X 2, Neck - 36pcs X 2)
    Valtage & Power Consumption - 100~240VAC 50/60Hz, 
    Power Consumption - Max 28W