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  • Its key ingredient is Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, which helps improve the elasticity of crumpled and stretched skin. Its small molecular size and a high stability with double membrane structure help the skin absorb the serum quickly and provide abundant moisture.
  • It contains Mixed Plants Extract, which is a patented ingredient that contains a mixture of botanical extracts. The mixture moisturizes and soothes skin that is easily irritated.
  • It also contains marine collagen. Collagen accounts for 80% of the dermis and has a strong binding force with moisture. It plays a very important role promoting skin elasticity and hydration.
  • Advantages of using a syringe: 1. Prevents dusts and pollutants going inside. 2. Clean. 3. Accurate doses of usage.
  • How to use: Open the lid of the sealed container. Insert the syringe to pop open the top, and turn it upside down and pull out the syringe pointing up. After using, insert the syringe back in to keep the serum sealed.

LAB Renewal Dual Effect BTX COLLAGEN - 1.01 fl.oz. (30ml)


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